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Big Hands & Big Feet = Big…Heart!
(What were you thinking????)


 Barefoot Pedicure 

 $42 (45 mins)

Foot care for the fellas includes soaking, de-roughing, clipping, trimming and sprucing session. A scrub is applied to your legs and feet to get rid of any dry skin followed by the much loved warmed towels. Nails are then shaped to perfection. No more snagging the sheets boys!

 Handshake Man-icure 

$42 (45 mins)

Man-icure starts with a good soaking, clipping, trimming, sprucing session and scrub. Hands are wrapped in warmed towels followed by the perfect massage and when you think your experience is over, we shape nails to perfection.


$22 Guy brows (15 mins)
$12 Ears (15 mins)
$12 Nose (15 mins)
$53 Back – shoulders included) (1 hr)
$52 40 Year Old Virgin – chest – including abdomen, neck and shoulders (1 hr)
$110 The Austin Powers….Groovy Baby! – back & chest (1.5 hrs)
$46 The Guns (full arms) (45 mins)
$27 The Pits – armpits (30 mins)
$76 Full Legs (1 hr)