$73 (1 hr)

Treating you entire body – organs and body systems by applying massage techniques with various amounts of pressure to your feet! Super relaxing and so beneficial!!


$45 Reiki (30 mins)

$65 Reiki (60 mins)

This treatment is hands on, natural, full body healing! Enhancing you body’s ability to rebalance to a healthier state by releasing negative energy blockages or sluggish, stagnate energy in the form of physical or emotional pain by replacing it with positive energy. Keep an open mind to re-awaken your ability to heal and self-balance!!

Thai Reflexology

$79 (1 hr)

Thai Reflexology incorporates your feet and lower legs into the treatment to reset and rebalance your body by combining pressure points and massage techniques!

Reflexology is linked to being beneficial in: reducing stress and anxiety, reducing pain, lifting mood, improved general well-being, boosting immune system, improve digestion, correct hormonal imbalances, increase circulation, balance energy, cleanse the body of toxins, and more…