Our Wink Spa Manicure and Wink Spa Pedicure is Everything you could ever want in these services! We have combined all “up grades”. Basic is not in our vocabulary!!!

Manicures & Pedicures

Wink Spa Manicures

$59 Wink Spa Manicure without polish (45 mins)
$69 Wink Spa Manicure with polish (1 hr)
$81 With BioSculpture Gel (1.15 hrs)
$92 With BioSculpture Gel & french (1.5 hrs)
$76 With shellac (1.15 hrs)
$87 With shellac & french (1.5 hrs)

Your hands do a lot everyday so let our professionals give them a much-needed break. We have you! Warm water therapy is so relaxing and such a great way to start off followed with an exfoliating scrub that will bring out your soft silky skin. Nail shaping, buffing, cuticle care is up next. Once we have your hands looking lovely, massage and warm towels are luxuriously wrapped around both hands. The perfect topping is applied in your favorite color!

 Wink Spa Pedicures

$69 Wink Spa Pedicure without polish (1 hr)
$79 Wink Spa Pedicure with polish (1.15 hrs)
$91 With BioSculpture Gel (1.5 hrs)
$102 With BioSculpture Gel & french (1.45 hrs)
$86 With shellac (1.5 hrs)
$97 With shellac & french (1.45 hrs)

Sink into our comfortable spa reclining chairs and enjoy the great view of Downtown. Our foot treatment begins with warm water therapy for your feet. An exfoliating scrub is applied to your lower leg and feet to gently exfoliate dry areas. Once scrub is removed you are all set for nail shaping, buffing, cuticle care, and a leg and foot massage to relieve muscle tension. Warm towels are then wrapped around each foot for a warm hug. You are now all set for the finishing touch. The perfect topping is the cherry on top!

*We do have disposable flip flops for you to go home in if you forget to bring your own*

*We find we have better results when we do not include water therapy with our shellac or BioSculpture Gel topping choices*

In a Blink Express Mani or Pedi

$35 In a Blink Express Mani or Pedi without polish (15 mins)
$42 In a Blink Express Mani or Pedi with polish (30 mins)
$64 With Gel (45 mins)
$75 With BioSculpture Gel & french (1 hr)
$59 With shellac (45 mins)
$70 With shellac & french (1 hr)

Short on time? No problem! Our In a Blink is our Express service. Nails shaping, buffing, and your choice of topping is applied. A dab of cuticle oil and moisturizer is added to your nails and hands to hydrate and leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Removal Of Shellac or BioSculpture Gel

$20 Shellac (15 mins)
$36 BioSculpture Gel (45 mins)

*We Only Remove Our Own Work*

Safe product removals are extremely important for your nail health.

Once product is safely removed – nail shaping and a quick buff is in order! Cuticle oil is added to keep those hang nails at bay and moisturizer is applied to help keep your skin silky soft!

Removal of Shellac & BioSculpture Gel products are always 50% off when booking a re-application of the same product!

Advanced Foot Care

Advanced Footcare

$65  (1 hour)

Advanced Footcare is a clinical treatment that can treat and cure ingrown / involuted toenails without surgery.
Nail Fungus, Athletes Foot, Cracked Heels, and Callus Reduction amongst many other foot conditions can be addressed with this service.

Your experience will vary depending on what condition you are coming in for.

Nail Extensions

Hard Gel Extensions

Price varies from $70-$140
*Must be 18+.*
*We Only Fill, Fix, and Remove our Own Work*
*Must Call to Book (902) 843-9465*

Let’s do it! Instant length is added to your natural nail. This service includes nail shaping, buffing and cuticle care. All you have to do is choose how long and which shape you would like for your nail extensions. The finishing touch is your choice of color to be applied. Cuticle oil and moisturizer are added to hydrate!