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 Muscle Mash

$72 (30 mins)
$95 (1 hr)

$130 (1.5 hrs)

This mega muscle massage will be sure to pinpoint your most troublesome muscles and leave you singing “Hurts So Good”!

Rejuve Massage

$67 (30 mins)
$85 (1 hr)
$115 (1.5 hrs)

This mind unwinding massage is a ridiculously relaxing rubdown designed to loosen you up and rejuvenate you mind, body and soul.

 Sea Stone

$107 (1 hr)
$152 (1.5 hrs)

Lit candles and oil of your choice is selected to customize this experience just for you. Oil is gently massaged into skin followed by a rhythmic application of warmed stones to increase you state of relaxation to heights beyond imaginable.

Mama Massage

$72 (30 mins)
$95 (1 hr)
$130 (1.5 hrs)

Hey Ladies….let the team at Wink take care of you. We know what your body is going through. Come in and let us give you a massage relieving all those aches and pains associated with the Wonders of Creating Life.