Razor Free Zone - Body Waxing

Yes Please! Throw away that razor and start a regular waxing regimen. Regular waxing, usually every 4-6 weeks, depending on your hair growth cycle. Your unwanted hair will become finer, softer & there will be less of it over time. Waxing services will begin with cleansing of the area to remove any oils on the skin. We use hard & soft wax depending on the area being waxed. Aloe is applied after waxing to sooth and hydrate your skin.

How to prepare: No shaving of the area you are having waxed before your appointment. There needs to be at least an inch of hair growth to get the best results!


$26 Brow Shaping (15 mins)
$17 Lip (15 mins)
$20 Chin (15 mins)
$24 Sides of Face (15 mins)
$17 Ears (15 mins)
$17 Nose (15 mins)


$75 Full Leg (1 hr)
$44 Upper Leg (45 mins)
$44 Lower Leg (30 mins)


$31 Underarm (30 mins)
$47 Full Arm (45 mins)
$31 Half Arm (30 mins)


$57 Full back (1 hr)
$57 Full chest (1 hr)
Razor Free Zone- Bikini Waxing

Ever wonder what the difference is between the 3 down south waxing options?

Wonder no more…..

$42 Bikini
(30 mins)

A basic bikini removes any hair from the edges that would peek out of a standard bikini bottom.

$52 French Ultra Bikini
(45 mins)

Brings those edges in even further and takes a little off the top.

$66 Full Monty/Brazilian
(1 hr)

The barest of them all, removing everything underneath, behind and most (if not all) the front.