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Professional Make-Up Applications

$55 Bridal Make-Up
(1 hr)

Don’t fret…Bridal Make-Up applications come with a 30 minute complimentary consultation days prior to the occasion!

We will go over the look you are wanting to achieve, do color matching for your foundation and choose the shades best suited just for you!

Professional Make-Up Applications

$47 Make-Up Application
(1 hr)

This is a great option for that party, work event, prom, or a night out on the town that you want to look your best for!

Whatever the reason, a professional make-up application is the icing on the cake!!


Lash Extensions

$135 Full Application
(1.5-2 hrs)

Always wanted longer, thicker, fuller lashes?

Our classic lash extensions offer you just that.. Natural looking lashes, permanently applied directly to your own lashes giving you all you ever wanted for as long as you wish.

Complimentary lash consultation.

Lash Touch Ups

$65 2-3 Week Touch Ups
(1 hr)
$100 4 week Touch Up
(1.5 hrs)

* We recommend a lash touch up within 2-3 weeks.

 Lash Lift

$75 (1.15 hrs)

A Lash Lift creates a Lift/Curl that gives an instant eye opening effect to your natural lash. Your natural lash is curled and then a tint is applied. The Lift lasts 6-8 weeks. The tint lasts 3-4 weeks.